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Conservatory Lounge + Conservatory

Conservatory Lounge: A vestibule that stands out for its laminated ceilings and stained glass windows, with or without furniture, creates a versatile and particularly welcoming atmosphere.

Conservatory: Cozy lounge that stands out for its luminosity thanks to its glass dome and a lamp made of fifteen thousand Bohemian crystals, which give us access to the terrace on the first floor, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.



30 people


25 people


2x18 people


40 people

Otras rooms of the Main Floor

Like a stained glass window, this room with a laminated wooden ceiling has direct views of Paseo de Gracia and Els Jardinets. A perfect space for a reception or cocktail hour, where the main protagonist is undoubtedly the natural lighting.

Modernist walls, a staircase with a pulpit, balconies, and carved oak pieces are the result of fine woodworking that creates an extraordinary visual impact.