Here are just a few places to spend your hard earned euro around Sarrià and Sant Gervasi.....


room la forja



C/Laforja, 112

RooM is a boutique with a touch of Paris about it. The white walls are interspersed with the creations of young designers and modern, creatively designed clothes go hand in hand with vintage pieces. The boutique is designed to be like a living room, filled with antiques and knick-knacks and at the same time offering beautiful and very feminine pieces by designers such as Maria Roch, Barea, and Caroline Swift to name but a few. If you’re in the centre why not visit its sister shop in the Born area and immerse yourself in a world of girly delights.


Lito & Lola

C/Laforja, 122

A Parisian style boutique in the heart of Sant Gervasi decorated with reclaimed objects such as wine cases offers a little oasis of calm to its clientèle. The people who have created this atmosphere are Mireia and Dani who also design and create the jewellery, bag and various other accessories sold in the shop. Mireia and Dani don’t keep their creations to a single style but prefer to mix and match, one day it could be taking inspiration from French minimalist design, the next from an ethnic piece. What really matters is that each piece is feminine, original and highlights the wearer’s beauty. The shop is full of colours and flowers and you can even have your own, handmade, unique flower head-piece made for you by the designers. For something feminine and totally unique, Lito & Lola is your ideal destination.




Pepa Croqueta

C/Laforja, 105

I have something to get off my chest, I am a croqueta addict. I would eat them all day everyday if I didn’t care about such things as getting a balanced diet. Therefore I have to tell you about a shop that for me is a little piece of heaven; it’s a shop which only sells croquetas. For those of you unaccustomed with that tapas staple that is the croqueta I will try to explain it in a way that doesn’t put you off. It is a creamy mixture with normally one or two main ingredients such as cured ham or chicken which has been covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. The joy of the croqueta is that it is easy to experiment, put other ingredients into the mixture and this is where Pepa Croqueta has triumphed. They offer twenty eight different types of croqueta usig ingredients such as lobster, gorgonzola, and truffles, Pepa Croqueta has even thought the unthinkable and created a sweet croqueta. And they are simply delicious, each and every one of them.


Piu et Nau

C/ Ferran Agulló, 1

Piu et Nau have a simple aim, to make fun and comfortable clothes for children. However, in their attention to detail they actually go much further than this, creating clothes 100% Made in Barcelona. Piu et Nau believe in three things: Comfort, design and quality. To unite these three ideas into one garment they have a simple recipe; careful design+ daily monitoring of the garment assembly + good quality cotton + a dash of tender love and care. Add to this the fact that every garment is created and assembled in Maresme, just outside the city of Barcelona, and you have a brand perfect for those special, little people in your life.





C/de les Calàndries, 14   

Tabula was founded in 1999 by furniture designers and restorers who wanted to unite creativity, quality and interesting design to form unique pieces. The team combine creative freedom, technical rigour and their experience to ensure that each creation has its own particular, timeless style that not only covers the clients practical needs but their aesthetic needs too. Influenced by their Mediterranean surrounding and also Japanese art, the designers at Tabula believe in clean, pure lines and using precise techniques. They also restore furniture to its former glory and have also more than dipped their toes in the world of guitar making and restoration. For clean design using traditional methods, the team at Tabula are your best bet.