Bars and Restaurants

Here a a few suggestions from El Palauet Living Barcelona on the best places to get fed and watered in Sarrià...

bravas tomas


Bar Tomás

Major de Sarrià, 49

As perhaps many of you already know, patatas bravas are a staple of Spanish cooking. They are the ultimate bar snack, fried potatoes with alioli and a spicy tomato sauce, and are so ubiquitous that the question is never, ‘Where can we get some bravas?’ But rather, ‘Where can we get the best bravas in the city?’ This is, of course, a question that fuels argument and debate, just like asking where serves the best pizza in Naples or the best English breakfast in London and it is also a question which brings me to talking about Bar Tomás in Sarrià. Fêted by some as serving the best bravas in Barcelona by some, snorts of derision coming from others (and that was just in the El Palauet Living Barcelona office!), Bar Tomás is an unassuming bar in the centre of the barrio, one that has been there for years and that many of us would walk past without a second glance. Yet it is almost always full with a real mixture of ages and backgrounds, all here, no doubt, for that oh so simple, yet oh so delicious potato dish. The bravas in Bar Tomás are slightly different from the ordinary, the potatoes are not diced into cubes but more chip-like in shape. The tomato sauce has almost no tomato, but more olive oil and more spice. The alioi is delicious, thick and with a proper kick of garlic. I don’t know if they are the best in Barna, but they’re certainly pretty damn good.


tram tram


Tram-Tram Restaurant

Major de Sarrià, 121 T

he slightly unusual name of this restaurant comes from the former tram line that passed directly in front of Tram-Tram. Luckily for those of us who like to eat without the background music of public transport the tram line is no more. Instead here stands a restaurant which was the dream of a young chef; Isidre Soler. His approach focuses on taking simple, fresh, Mediterranean ingredients and producing something modern and unique, an auteur approach if you will. The menu also offers an extensive dessert list, all made on site and considered by the chefs to be just as important as any other parts of the menu and not merely an after-thought. Fantastic news for anyone with a sweet tooth. The delicious food aside (if you can bear to be parted with it) a special mention has to go to the place itself. Tastefully and simply decorated, Tram-Tram is the epitome of elegance, but the real draw is the oh so romantic terrace area. Like a little oasis of calm in this big city, Tram-Tram's terrace offers a space to breathe and relax and of course enjoy the very special food hopefully with a very special someone.    


La Burg

Passeig Sant Joan Bosco, 55

A new kid on the block, La Burg is riding the gourmet burger wave that has hit Barcelona in the last few years. La burg was born a little over three years ago with one clear aim: give the simple hamburger some dignity, make it gourmet. Here they focus on the quality of the ingredients, each burger is made from 100% organic Swiss Alpine beef, free range and grass fed they produce beef of an incredible quality and of course all this leads to a fantastic burger. On top of this goes those oh so important toppings giving us 13 burgers to choose from including vegetarian, and all between two slices of freshly baked artisan bread. If you're serious about your burgers, Burg is the place to be. Núria, one of our personal assistants, also highly recommends their patatas bravas. A rival to Bar Tomás perhaps?  




Les Truites

C/ de Reus, 22   

La tortilla is a national dish, a national treasure, and everyone knows that it's their Mum that makes the best one in the country. However there might be a rival to Mamá's crown and that comes in the form of the restaurant Les Truites. A family run place that has been open almost 40 years, Les Truites (catalan for tortilla), goes above and beyond the simple combination of eggs and potato and each day offers a different menu of 12-14 different tortillas giving us combinations of wild mushrooms and truffle sauce, aubergine, onion and mint, chicken curry and even creating tortilla cakes. At Les Truites you will definitely be able to find the tortilla of your dreams, even better than Mamá used to make.    


Semon 9 Night

C/Santa Fe de Nou Mèxic 15

Semon 9 Night is definitely one for night owls. If the thought of setting an alarm before 11am terrifies you and the last time you saw 7 am was on your way home from a night of clubbing then this is the place for you. Specifically designed to cater to those who believe the night doesn't really get going until at least 11pm, Semon 9 opens 11pm-2am offering a light menu (nothing too heavy at that time of night) and some of the best cocktails in the city. So if the word 'morning' doesn't really feature in your vocabulary, head to Semon 9 Night.  


gimlet barcelona



Santaló 46

Gimlet truly is a staple of Sarrià nightlife. Founded 31 years ago it continues to be at the forefront of the Barcelona cocktail scene. Part of the Dry Martini Group, Gimlet was the first bar to be opened by current