Here are El Palauet Living Barcelona's choices for fabulous shopping in Sant Antoni... 




El Recibidor

C/Viladomat, 9

El Recibidor literally means the reception and a fitting name it is too for this fantastic furniture shop and showroom which receives vintage 50s, 60s and 70s furniture from all over the world. The shop grew from a passion three friends shared about 20th century design and to offer unique pieces which have a real history and soul to them at reasonable prices. The shop/showroom displays the furniture and other objects as well as being the perfect space for exhibitions and photo shoots but the real stars are always the pieces themselves. Carefully chosen and beautifully restored, if your knees go week at 20th century design, El Recibidor is your home from home.




Bibian Blue

Ronda Sant Antoni, 27

If you hold a secret desire to be the next Dita Von Teese or at least like her style, Bibian Blue and her wonderful designs based around corsets is a great place to start. Beautiful designs take their inspiration from all possible places, from wild flowers to futuristic shapes, baroque art to ancient mythology, but all with a modern, contemporary twist. From ball gowns to waspie corsets, the designs may vary in style and inspiration but they all have one thing in common; to highlight the female form in luxurious fabrics. Bibian Blue herself, Bibiana C. Berenguer, has over ten years experience creating these prêt à porter pieces, starting with clients coming mostly from the underground or musical theatre scene, her designs now grace the red carpets all over the world. If you want to feel like a real Hollywood movie star, Marie Antoinette, or just, in the words of the great Shania Twain, like a woman, Bibian Blue is most definitely for you.





C/Viladomat, 30

In these consumerist times, when you can buy something and by the time you leave the shop it’s already out of date, many people are looking back, recycling and restoring. This is exactly the concept of Valnot where their tagline is ‘recycled furniture’. The shop and workshop aim to strip back the piece to reveal its essence and restore it simply, resulting in a respectful restoration, maintaining the original character of each piece. The shop itself is a treasure trove and has many pieces to snatch your heart away. Though if your heart already belongs to another never fear, Valnot also offer restoration services for its clients giving you the opportunity to give new life to that great piece you found in Encants market or maybe your Granny’s old dresser. Whether you’re looking for something new or planning on restoring something old, we think the idea of recycled furniture is nothing but a winner.



C/Comte Borrell, 41

The story of Cerabella starts with a woman coming to the city for adventure and perhaps to make her fortune. A young woman, Francesca Abella, decided to start a candle workshop in the neighbourhood of Raval at the end of the 19th Century. Five generations and 150 years later and Cerabella is one of the most well-known candle makers in Spain and still use the handmade techniques from all those years ago. In Francesca’s time candles were mostly used in Churches or to simply light the home when it got dark. For many years it continued like this until in the 1970s, the current generation of candle makers decided to make a change and create more unusual and decorative candles. This approach proved incredibly successful and the fusion between the creativity and the usefulness of these candles became a hit both at home and abroad. Cerabella now collaborate with various designers and artist to create their design which fall into various categories; boutique (for presents and decoration), Church (for religious purposes), celebration (for those very special occasions), garden (for events in the open air) and Christmas. The design centered approach of Cerabella has also led to more artistic collaborations such as providing lighting for the gardens of the Festival Grec or creating a night garden for the first International gardens competitions in Bilbao. For me there is a no more beautiful way to light a room than using candles and all the better when the candles are incredibly beautiful too.