Mau Mau Underground

Mau Mau Underground

C/de Fontrodona, 35

A unique mega loft waiting for you’, that’s what the poster says, and I have to admit I wholeheartedly agree with it. I don’t know anywhere else in Barcelona quite like Mau Mau underground. A light, airy loft style bar just off Carrer Blai it reminds me of some places I used to go in Manchester. Funny that it turns out, as after speaking to Fran, the owner, I discover he used to live in that very same rainy city and worked in a bar owned by the Hacienda group. Wanting to bring a bit of ‘Madchester’ to Catalan soil, Fran opened Mau Mau in 1998 and has created the perfect lounge bar. They sell some fantastic gin and tonics and ‘vintage cocktails’ (I like to ask for an Old Fashioned and pretend I’m an extra in Mad Men) and stage events such as burlesque nights and short film projections, for me a perfect bar. See you there!


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