La Barceloneta might not be known for its shops but there are still a few places to spend your hard earned cash...   Negra y Criminal C/de la Sal, 5
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If you like your fiction noir, your heroes laced with bourbon and your femmes fatales Negra y Criminal is the perfect bookshop for you. A bookshop from the time when they sold books not coffee and when the staff knew more about literature than just the name of the new Twilight novel, Negra y Criminal is a place where you can delve into the world of crime fiction discovering new sub-genres, books now out of print and enjoy the passion and extensive knowledge of the staff. Bookshops like this may be, sadly, a dying breed but what better way to discover a new side of Barcelona than picking up a book by a local author and diving into its murky, underground world?   Box Barcelona
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C/ de Pontevedra, 53 Bringing surf culture to the shores of Barcelona is Box Barcelona, a surf school and shop that has set up home right on La Barceloneta beach. The shop is located in what looks like a big, but oh so cool, shed and gives off a chilled out, Californian-esque vibe. Selling everything from surf equipment to all the clothes and accessories that will make you look 100% surfer dude even if you've never hit the waves in your life, Box Barcelona reminds us of what the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta is all about; the sea.   Eyescream and Friends Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 30
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If there is one thing Barcelona is not short of in the summer that’s a place to buy an ice cream. I recently tried to defend the position that there would be no ice cream shop open in Gràcia, a quiet neighbourhood up the hill, past 11pm. I was wrong. Every ice cream shop was not only open, but open until at least 1am. So these days, with icey treats on every corner, available until the small hours the business minded ice cream lover has to find a new angle. That’s exactly what Eyescream and Friends have done. A play on words has led to a design idea that has made this ice cream shop stand out from the crowd and made people queue round the block. The ice cream is frozen at -25°C in cylindrical tubes then placed in a special machine which shaves it to give a silky smooth texture. You can then choose your toppings and the cherry on top are two little eyes for your eyescream! Enjoy!   Maremagnum Moll d’Espanya, 5 Maremagnum is the shiny shopping centre at the end of Rambla del Mar, jutting out into the port. This shopping centre offers a wide range of shops as well as many restaurants, bars and cafés to recuperate after a hard day spending. It is also the only shopping centre in the city open on Sundays . Maremagnum is also next to a multi-screen cinema and Barcelona Aquarium if anyone gets bored of all the shopping.   Lorna   Barcelona, Spain, Catalonia, La Barceloneta, shopping, travel tips, local shops