As an up and coming barri, El Raval has a lot to offer for the shopaholics among us...


  les topettes


Les Topettes

C/Joaquim Costa, 33

Les Topettes, in the heart of El Raval is a modern space with a classic concept. The days of the small perfume shop might be over in some parts of the world but here at Les Topettes they have launched exactly that with a distinctly 21st Century feel. With priority given to small, niche, environmentally friendly producers, Les Topettes offers something different from the mass produced perfumes of today and focuses on giving personalized attention to each client so they walk away with exactly what they want and need. If you need a little pampering, Les Topettes is your next stop.  




Chök – The chocolate factory

C/ del Carme, 3  

I must confess, I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. That being said, when I walked past Chök for the first time I had to go in. The smell was intoxicating and the window display a feast for the eyes, it was simply too good to resist. Chök opened its doors in 2013 and with its shop and kitchen in a modernist building it feels almost like a turn of the century chemist’s, an apocathary of chocolate where you feel that maybe, just maybe, that gourmet doughnut could cure all life’s ills. Chök wants to bring innovation to the sometimes staid world of chocolate making combining unusual ingredients to ensure chocolate is taken seriously as an ingredient. The star of the show is the gourmet doughnut. Also called Chök this doughnut is different from the mass produced kind. Made with less sugar, less fat and less frying time makes it lighter and healthier. The wizards at Chök then combine it with unusual flavours presenting us with the Crème Brûlée doughnut or for those brave enough to try it, the chocolate and chips doughnut. For celebrations or commiserations, when you’re feeling up and when you’re feeling down, Chök is the place to go for a sweet treat.  





C/Joaquim Costa, 62

Fusta’m may have only been open for 4 years but has carved (pardon the pun) a name for itself in the furniture and design world of Barcelona. In their shop area Fusta’m focuses on 50’s, 60’s and 70’s aesthetics whether that be lamps, armchairs or decorative elements (they do rather a good line in retro drinks cabinets) which has all been through their workshops to be fully cleaned up and restored before being put before the public. Their workshop does restoration work alongside one-off, commissioned projects whether for the home or local businesses. Fusta’m have created interior pieces for some of our favourite places such as bar 33/45 and Les Topettes in El Raval, Tarannà café in Sant Antoni and Bobby Gin bar in Gràcia, working closely with each client to ensure a perfect outcome every time.





Plaça Castella 2

After first opening in Paris, Saint Tropez and Ibiza in the 1970’s, Holala! finally reached Barcelona in 1992, opening in the El Raval district. Focusing primarily on vintage clothing the Holala! team scour the world, from flea markets in the US to textile recycling in Japan to bring only the highest quality vintage clothing back to Barcelona for its loyal clientele. Here you’ll find only the best, just ask Kate Moss who is a big fan of Holala! Ibiza. Over the years the shop in Barcelona has branched out to include vintage furniture, video games, surf and skate boards, watches and sunglasses. They even have an empty wall where street artists can express themselves and regularly have pop up events and exhibitions. If you love everything vintage then Holala! is the place to be and if it’s good enough for Kate Moss then who are we to argue?  


discos paradiso


Discos Paradiso

C/ Ferlandina, 39

Discos Paradiso has a vision, and that vision is in analogue. Whilst not denying the many advantages of digitalization, Discos Paradiso prefer music that you can hold in your hand and that you can play without a wifi connection. Here they focus on vinyl, promoting its warm, rich sound and endless uses to a new generation who had never before had to skip a track by trying to move a small needle on exactly the right place of a spinning circle of plastic. Alongside the rows and rows of vinyl, just waiting for you to spend lost afternoon flicking through each batch, you can also find casettes and CD, two more formats which have now been resigned to the rubbish dump. However this is not an exercise in sentimentality, Discos Paradiso believe each format has its special uses and own distinct sound which is just as valuable as digitalized formats. If you want your musical world to be a little warmer, a little more varied then head straight for Discos Paradiso.