El Raval has much more than a bar on every corner, it practically has a bar in every building. Here is El Palauet Living Barcelona's selection of some of the best...  


33 45 timeout



C/ de Joaquín Costa, 4 

A hipster’s paradise, bar 33/45 is relatively new to the El Raval scene but has become one of the coolest bars in the neighbourhood. It has two different areas, the bar with a resident DJ and the lounge area with big leather sofas to curl up in. The strawberry mojitos are a personal favourite and they have a whole menu of inventive but deadly tequila cocktails. The space is also used for exhibitions of illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and artists, adding to the arty, creative feel. A perfect place to see and be seen by the hippest hispters in town.  


negroni time out



C/ de Joaquín Costa, 46

Negroni, also on Joaquim Costa street, doesn’t have a cocktail menu and if you’re looking for a standard piña colada then you’ve come to the wrong place. Unlike many top end cocktail bars in Barcelona, Negroni hasn’t tried to make the décor look like something from Mad Men. It is sleek and modern and so is the concept. With no written menu the award winning mixologists come to your table and have a chat to find out your likes and dislikes and favourite taste. They then shake (or stir) up a storm and present you with a completely personalized cocktail. They also create a pretty mean Negroni in keeping with their namesake. 




Bar Marsella  

C/de Sant Pau, 65

Said to be the oldest bar in Barcelona (it opened in 1820) and rumoured to have entertained the likes of Hemmingway and Picasso, Bar Marsella isn’t just a Barcelona institution, it’s a Barcelona legend. This bar is famous for a drink that was never actually banned in Spain; absinthe. Generations of writers, poets, bohemians, and down and outs have descended on Bar Marsella looking for inspiration, distraction and to spend a little time with the green fairy. The absinthe comes with spoon, sugar cube and water so you can enjoy it in the traditional way (the flame is a modern addition apparently) in traditional surroundings. The interior décor hasn't changed much over the last 100 years but this all adds for the charm and fin de siècle atmosphere. A must visit for any budding bohemian.


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La Pesca Salada

C/ la Cera, 32

This tiny corner bar in the least touristy end of El Raval offers its customers a unique drinking experience. The décor leads you to feel you're supping on a gin and tonic inside a giant fish. The ceiling shimmers with silvery fish scales, an aquarium lines the wall and a mini beach with cocktail umbrellas serving as parasols can be found just next to it. This seemingly wacky interior design choice belies a highly regarded cocktail bar serving barrel-aged Negronis, rosemary infused vodka and offering 24 different gins for your tonics. Just make sure you arrive early, with only four tables and as a popular choice for drinks, La Pesca Salada is often fit to burst.