Sant Joan



Many places in the world hold Midsummer and Summer Solstice celebrations and Catalunya is no different. The festival has pagan origins pre dating the saint’s day when people rejoiced the beginning of summer and lit bonfires to give the sun more strength. Now the day is also celebrated at the birth date of St. John the Baptist (Sant Joan in Catalan) though the ancient rituals still take place. The most important festivities actually take place on the 23rd June which is the day before the day of St. John which is called ‘La Revetlla de Sant Joan’ which means the Eve of Saint John. Many people in Catalunya go to the beach where huge bonfires are lit which some brave people jump over to get good luck for the coming months. There are also firework displays and children often throw firecrackers. Many people have a special dinner with family and friends where the ‘Coca de Sant Joan’ a typical sweet pastry decorated with fruit is eaten. People stay up late to enjoy the shortest night of the year and the beginning of summer.  


Bona Revetlla a tothom!