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Save yourself from tacky souvenirs with our suggestions of the best Made in Barcelona products money can buy!




Iriarte Iriarte

C/ Cotoners, 12

What could be a better souvenir from your trip to Barcelona than a handmade leather bag that will last a lifetime? Iriarte Iriarte have their workshop right in the city, in their Cotoners boutique you can see them hard at work handcrafting each leather bag whilst admiring the finished products in the shop area. Carolina Iriarte studied fine arts then later learnt her craft while working in a designer's studio here in the city. The bags are quite simply beautiful; traditional methods bring to life the in house designs which blend classic styles with contemporary twists. All materials used are natural, hand dyed and expertly finished with solid brass fittings. The latest collection Ficción, takes inspiration from 1950 Science Fiction novels and focuses on rigid forms in dark, brooding colours. A handmade bag from Iriarte and Iriarte is the perfect indulgence to remind you of your Barcelona trip.




Lusema & Vega

Poble Espanyol, Av. Francesc Ferrer I Guàrdia 13

 Lusema & Vega is a place where a chef’s dreams come to life. I’m not talking about food though, but ceramics and glassware. Lusema & Vega during the past 10 years have created the plates, dishes and bowls of the world’s best restaurants, notably El BullíTickets and the best restaurant in the world at the moment; El Celler de Can Roca. They have worked closey with the chefs to create solutions and find the best way to present what is among the most incredible food on the planet. Their workshop can be found in a reproduction of a church in Poble Espanyol, and their creations are so simply beautiful that they deserve to be worshipped. Working mainly with glass and inspired by nature and ‘the beautiful abstract’ these Barcelona trained designers have won national and international awards for their creations and have exhibited all over the world including at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Lusema & Vega also work with architects, designers, decorators and businesses, finding solutions and always creating stunning pieces.




BCN Brand
Various boutiques in the city

BCN Brand keep it simple. What do you need to move around Barcelona? A great pair of trainers and a stylish helmet for when you’re zipping around on your motorbike, and that’s it. The relatively new brand creates stylish suede trainers in every colour possible for both men and women and are designed and handmade in the city using only the finest natural materials. BCN Brand has strutted its stuff on the catwalks of 080 Barcelona Fashion week and can be seen adorning the feet of the most stylish people in the city. Although their main focus are trainers they are expanding into bags, sunglasses and clothes, all with the same Barcelona focused philosophy. A brand to watch and a brand that’s lets you carry Barcelona with you wherever you go.


Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Natalie Capell

C/Carassa, 2

For hundreds of years fashion designers have sought to express femininity and all it entails through their clothes and the beautiful dresses of Natalie Capell are no different. In her atelier in El Born, Natalie and her team seek to create dresses that show her interpretation on modern femininity; delicate but strong, comfortable yet still elegant, her creations show the different sides of a modern woman. The dresses are often beautifully embroidered and the designs are reminiscent of turn of the century Parisian fashions. Experimenting with fabrics, skills and different European traditions has led to two different lines; one, La Garde-Robe, offers a simpler aesthetic using clean lines and classic designs to create a more wearable garment. The other line feature the Unique Embroidered pieces, each one made by hand and taking 4 to 8 weeks to finish due the the intricacy of the work. Each Unique Embroidered piece comes with its own catalogue number and the date it was created in the atelier. If you are looking for something utterly unique then Natalie Capell’s boutique is the perfect place.


  KOETANIA-interior general



C/Bonavista, 1

Koetania is a jewellery shop like no other. First of all it’s not just a shop but a showroom and also a workshop, you can see the owners and jewellers Marta and Daniel at work, designing and creating their beautiful pieces. Collaborating with other local jewellers allows Koetania to offer different collections and therefore appeal to a wide range of tastes. Another thing with makes this a very special place is the fact that you can be involved in the creation process of your own piece of jewellery. Marta and Daniel thought the involvement of the client was the most natural thing in the world but actually not many other places were doing it. At Koetania however you can beKOETANIA-interior taller part of the whole process, whether it’s to create something for that special someone or just to make a piece of jewellery that you’ve always dreamt of for yourself. Add to that the monthly exhibition of more artistic creative jewellery showing the inspirations of a different jeweller and the outcome of that inspiration. Koetania really is a gem (pardon the pun!)   


sañudo 3


Taller Sañudo

Poble Espanyol, Av. Francesc Ferrer I Guàrdia 13 

When people think of Spain many things can spring to mind. For me one of those things is leather and beautiful leatherwork, be it bags or belts, and Taller Sañudo is the perfect place to see this beautiful craft come to life. A family business, Taller Sañudo incorporates the shop with their workshop, allowing visitors to see how the bags, belts and other leather pieces are made. Pedro and Julian, the father and son team, are passionate about the whole process, from start to finish, and therefore each piece is special, handmade, and unique. They handcraft each product, experimenting with design and colour. Taller Sañudo also has a gallery area showcasing more creative aspects of leatherwork including statues and beautiful leather pieces to hand and display in the home. This allows Julian and Pedro a more artistic outlet whilst allowing them to hone their craft. If the smell of real leather sends you giddy (as it does to me, I admit) and your heart longs for a unique, handcrafted piece, then Taller Sañudo in Poble Espanyol is most certainly the place to go.