El Palauet Living Barcelona

The responsible architect was Pere Falqués I Urpí (1850-1916), and designed the building for both residential and commercial purposes. The result, which today can still be seen in its maximum splendor from the outside after suffering some very respectful maintenance works, is the teamwork of the honorable architect and numerous artisans of the Vila de Gràcia specialists in wood carving, stucco, stained glass and decorative painting, who added efforts and artistic talents.
The building sits on top of a vaulted basement built with brick, a ground floor, a first floor known in Barcelona as "principal" (Nobel floor), three more floors and a roof terrace with a large skylight that illuminates the stairwell. On the facade, three vertical bodies highlight the platform with sculpture carved in stone and a big hole in their basement, as a counterpoint between hollow and filled spaces. The wood door and iron balconies are the crowns of the baroque-inspired building.
It is worth highlighting the arduous work carried out by the artists and craftsmen who helped to create the grand richness of the building’s interior. The ceilings are decorated with spectacular polychrome floral composition decorations in high relief plaster in Modernisme or Art Nouveau style. Handcrafted wooden doors and sliding doors are artistically carved with decorative cups designs.