La Diada

bandera catalana


La Diada is held every 11th September and celebrates Catalonia’s national day. It is on this day in 1714 that Catalonia lost many of its rights after a long siege of Barcelona and defeat by the Bourbons during the War of Spanish Succession. The people of Catalonia were punished by the victorious King Philip V; one thousand homes in the La Ribera area were demolished to build a military citadel, the people of Barcelona were forced to pay war reparations to the Bourbon King,  the courts of Catalonia were disbanded effectively ending Catalonia’s centuries of self-rule amongst many other oppressive measures. This year, 2014 is the 300 year anniversary of these events which makes the day so much more poignant. Many events are planned to commemorate 1714 and the years of war leading up to it but also many activities will celebrate Catalan identity through music and traditional dances for example and to look to the future. Concerts will be held, museums will have an 'open-door' day and Catalan people will join on the streets of Barcelona to make a 'V' shape in the colours of the Catalan flag to symbolise Vía Catalana (the Catalan way), victory and vote. The day is a public holiday.