Día de los Reyes Magos

On the 6th of January Spain celebrates the day of the Three Wise Men from the East who in the nativity story brought special presents for the baby Jesus. On the evening of the 5th, we celebrate their arrival in the city. In Barcelona, the Three Wise Men typically arrive on camelback at the port, after their long journey from the Middle East. They are welcomed by the Mayor then begin a procession through the city to say hello to all the children, waiting for the presents they bring. The procession contains beautifully decorated floats and the Wise Men and their helpers throw sweets out into the crowd. This procession is called 'La Cabalgata de Los Reyes'. The procession normally ends with a float decorated with a big clock, reminding all the children to go to bed early if they want to wake up to presents on the morning of the 6th. Although in recent years more and more children have been receiving their presents on the 24th or 25th December, either from the caga tió or Father Christmas, the 6th of January is the traditional day the children get their presents, brought by the Three Wise Men all the way from the East. As in other cultures, children have to write a letter asking the Three Wise Men to bring them the gifts they'd like before the 5th January and if they have been naughty they receive a lump of coal instead. On the 6th it is typical to have a family lunch and a cake called the Roscón de Los Reyes, with a figure of a Wise Man inside which if you find you get to be the King for the day, and a bean which if you find you have to pay for the cake.