Here is El Palauet Living Barcelona's guide for shopping in Sant Andreu...  



La Maquinista 

C/ República Dominicana

It is simply impossible to talk about shopping in Sant Andreu without mentioning La Maquinista. Opened in 2000, La Maquinista is the biggest shopping centre in Catalonia and one of the largest in Spain. Covering more than 250 000 m², and boasting 242 shops this is your shopping centre of choice in Barcelona if you’re just itching to spend some cash. La Maquinista holds some shops never before seen in Spain, such as ALDO shoes, Forever 21 and Hollister, alongside the more common names on the Spanish High Street of Zara, Massimo Dutti and Mango. The great thing about La Maquinista is that it’s a shopping centre in the open air, so you can shop ‘till you drop and still enjoy Barcelona’s lovely warm climate. The centre also has a terrace of restaurants and bars to cover all tastes, from Japanese to American Burger joint. Enjoy!  




Mon Mitic Comics

C/ Camil Fabra, 5

If you our one of your loved ones are a fan of all things comics and superheroes then Mon Mitic Comics is a necessary stop in Sant Andreu. Their small shop is a dream for fans of cult comics from the big screen to the small screen and of course, in paper form. From figurines to cuddly toys, from board games to posters, from clothes to jewellery, this treasure trove in the heart of Sant Andreu has everything a comic fan could dream of. Pop in and say hello, the owners are always willing to hear suggestions and help you find those most collectable of collectables.  





C/Vall d’Aran, 5

Degusta’m (which means ‘taste me!’) is a perfect shop for foodies, gluttons, expats and all lovers of good quality international food. From a love of food and travelling came the idea to launch a delicatessen where you could not only find the best produce of the region but of all those places you have visited and loved the local food they served. Degusta’m does just this, with the very best in Spanish and Catalan cured meats, cheeses, wines and cava to Italian pasta and sauces, English jams and marmalades, French chocolates and rice for sushi. If food and travel are your great loves then Degusta’m is your place to be.




Planeta Té

Rambla Fabra i Puig, 30

I have a confession to make. It may be hard for some to believe, some may be shocked but I have to get it out of my system. I’m English and I don’t like tea. I know, it’s hard to believe but the English way of making tea, usually English breakfast or Earl Grey with cold milk, just isn’t my thing. However, since moving to Barcelona I’ve discovered a whole new world of tea, ones, shock horror, that aren’t accompanied by milk. I’m aware that by now I’ve lost all UK readership, aghast at my tea with milk bashing but bear with me as I’m about to introduce you to Planeta Té (Tea Planet) in Sant Andreu. This small unassuming shop is home not only to all the tea in China, but also India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa and even Russia! Boxes and boxes of loose leaf tea fill the walls and they have a wide variety including black teas, green teas, white tea and herbal tea. Planeta Té is a shop which most definitely does what it says on the tin.