Bars and Restaurants - Eixample Esquerra

Hungry? Thirsty? Let us show you our favorite places to eat and drink in the Eixample Esquerra…



C/València, 199

There are times in life when a salad just won’t hit the spot and in those times there is only one place to head; Oval. A gourmet burger restaurant in the heart of the Eixample Esquerra, Oval has over a billion (yes, you heard me correctly) varieties of burgers, choose from Nebraska beef, chicken, steak or vegetable burger then choose from a variety of bread including gluten-free. Then it’s time to add the extras, cheese, and sauces and your creation is truly personalized. A recently extended wine list helps wash all the food down and if you’re still feeling peckish there is a decent list of sides including chips and cheese, a concept I thought only existed in England and am so glad I’ve found it in Barcelona too. Any post about Oval wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the décor. Simple, clean and modern, Oval’s interior is the perfect accompaniment to their contemporary take on a burger restaurant. A definite must for any burger lover.  


Mont Bar

C/Diputació 220 

Mont Bar is, like Oval, quite new to the Barcelona restaurant scene. The name comes from a tiny village in the mountainous Vall d’Aran region in the north of Catalonia where only five families permanently live. From these families and the tradition of being self-sufficient in terms of food and drink came the group of restaurateurs Q’Mont who, for 10 years, has been working to maintain focus on local, seasonal produce in their kitchens and keeping rural traditions alive. Mont Bar is the group’s first restaurant in Barcelona and combining their love for local seasonal produce with a young, creative team has resulted in a menu offering the highest quality seasonal ingredients with modern flourishes. The sweet brioche with rich foie gras and a sweet wine sauce starts the evening perfectly combining sweet and savory in perfect unison. The steak tartar is extremely fresh and presented in a contemporary way and the Mel I mató, a traditional Catalan dish is topped with candy floss and petals. Added to this is an extensive wine list with Catalan, Spanish and international wines. A feast for the eyes and the stomach.  


Paco Meraglo

C/ Muntaner, 171

Say it all together quickly, Paco Meraglo. Get it? It’s not the chef’s name just a little play on words; pá (para) comer algo which means to eat something. Paco Meralgo is all about tapas. Taking inspiration from all corners of the Iberian Peninsula, the menu is full of dishes just waiting to be shared, from Galician crab to cured sausage from Vic, stopping at deep-fried Malagan squid on the way, Paco Meralgo takes you on a culinary journey of Spain. ¡Buen Provecho! 


Dry Martini

C/Aribau, 162

A classic cocktail bar, full of wood, leather, and low lighting, Dry Martini opened in 1978 and originally just focused on perfecting its namesake; the Dry Martini. Now part of the Javier de las Muelas group it is considered one of the 50 best cocktail bars in the world. Evoking an atmosphere thought only now found on the set of Mad Men, Dry Martini offers a trip back in time as well as some of the best cocktails in the world. Dapper waiters can advise you on your choice or why not choose a classic? Negroni, Manhattan, Gin Fizz and of course, the Dry Martini itself are all mixed and served to perfection. A secret restaurant, Speakeasy, is hidden through a door in the bar and they even have a Dry University to fully train their staff in the art of the perfect cocktail. Dressing like Don Draper isn’t essential but trying their Dry Martini definitely is.  


Boca Chica

Passatge de la Concepció, 12

The bar of the equally swanky restaurant, Boca Grande, Boca Chica offers opulent drinks in opulent surroundings, rubbing shoulders with the beautiful people of Barcelona. With their bartenders representing Spain in World cocktail championships, you know this is a place to find innovative, one-off drinks. The décor is a mix of English Gentleman’s club and oriental boudoir with the house DJ bringing us back to the 21st century with the latest electronic music. Why not let the barman know your tastes and stand back and watch him create a signature cocktail just for you? Then sip, enjoy the people watching and drink in the luxury.