El Born has many new and not so new places to eat, but they all have one thing in common; fantastic food... 


C/Rec, 31

Despite only opening a couple of years ago, Bormuth is now one of the busiest restaurants in El Born. Everyone, locals and tourists alike are looking for the same thing; a good restaurant that does traditional food well. Is it such a big ask? Sadly in some parts of Barcelona, it seems to be but thanks to Bormuth it doesn’t apply to El Born. The menu is tapas based on all the traditional dishes you’re used to seeing; croquetas, ensaladilla rusa, pimientos de padrón however the quality far surpasses many bars in the area. Try the deep-fried aubergines in honey or the meatballs in vegetable sauce, perfect for those cold autumn nights. Don’t forget to try their own home-made vermouth, range of artisanal beers or Spanish and Catalan wines. All this and in the casual surroundings of traditional high marble tables and recycled wooden chairs and benches, you won’t want to leave until you’ve tasted the entire menu. Come early though, now the word is out there’s quite a queue outside the door.   


Mercat Princesa 

C/ dels Flassaders, 21 

Recently opened in a former El Born Palau (palace) is Mercat Princesa a new mix between market and restaurant. Ever been to dinner where eat person has their own certain eating requirements? Mercat Princesa solves all your problems. Communal tables are surrounded by various food and drink stands each offering something different. Do you fancy a Mojito botifarra (Catalan sausage)? There’s a stand for that. Does your friend prefer Asian food? There’s a stand for that too. Want to buy some oysters and champagne for that special someone? You guessed it, at Mercat Princesa, this is exactly what you can do. Stick to one cuisine or mix it up all in the medieval surroundings of this former merchant’s mansion. If all that still doesn’t convince you then here’s a little secret… it’s one of our Director’s favorite places to eat in the city!   



Avinguda Francesc Cambó, 30 

So maybe you haven’t come to Barcelona to eat pizza, but when it’s a restaurant serving the best pizza this side of Napoli (hence the name) then who are we to refuse. The tiny restaurant just tucked away round the corner from Mercat Santa Catarina is always full. If you don’t arrive exactly when it opens there will always be a wait, but trust us, it’s worth it.  NAP offers a simple menu, some various bruschetta to start, then the star of the show; the pizzas. Though not an extensive menu, NAP shows just what amazing things can be produced with a few fresh ingredients simply combined. Forget your foams of sea urchin, sometimes you just want a pizza, but the best pizza, naturally. For this head to NAP, and if you still don’t believe how good it is the first time my Italian friend went their he ate one whole pizza and promptly ordered another, it was just too delicious not to.


Espai Mescladis 

C/ Carders, 35 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to give back or indeed pay it forward then Espai Mescladis is a perfect place for lunch or dinner or a light snack in between. The concept is simple, healthy organic food from local suppliers, cooked simply and served by waiters from all over the globe. These waiters, however, have a bigger back story than most; they are immigrants or people who could find themselves without a chance, on the edges of society. Espai Mescladis welcomes them, trains them, and employs them, giving them the chance to form part of a great project and society itself. The moving stories of each member of the restaurant and the bigger project can be found along the far wall of the restaurant along with their photograph often alongside other employees showing the real difference it has made to their lives. The restaurant itself offers a range of international dishes from breakfasts and snacks to a lunch and dinner menu. Espai Mescladis is a good cause and a good restaurant all rolled into one.