Museums + Family

Forget dull museums where everything is behind glass and off limits to the bored younger members of the family, El Palauet Living Barcelona brings you our list of the best and most interactive museums for children... 




Museum of ideas and inventions 

C/ Ciutat, 7 

Is your child a budding Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird or James Dyson? Are they forever inventing and building new things that you didn’t even know you needed? Then the Musuem of Ideas and Inventions should be a must visit for your family in Barcelona! Here you can learn about the weird and wonderful world of inventing, discovering new inventions in the Unlimited Society space, the Refexionarium where you can test your inventor skills by trying to find solutions and the Absurd space for those inventions that didn’t quite hit the mark but can raise a smile. The exhibitions are very hands on and there are many special activities for the whole family.   




Cosmo Caixa 

C/ Isaac Newton, 26 

Quite simply one of the best museums to get your little ones interested in science (I actually heard a child scream ‘SCIENCE!’ in excitement at one of the exhibitions). Cosmo Caixa touches on many different aspects of science and gives children the chance to get hands-on with science with a hall full of machines to explain every aspect of science. One of the big draws is the Flooded Forest , an exact replica of an 1000m2 area of the Brazilian rainforest. Here your little ones can see and learn about the various species that make up this special eco system, from huge fish to tiny ants, wild boars to anaconda snakes, all the while experiencing the tropical climate. The museum also has a planetarium and often has special events and workshops for all the family.




Museu de la Xocolata
C/ Comerç, 36 

The Chocolate Museum is always going to be high on a list of child friendly museums. The ticket is a bar of chocolate and the museum part explains the history of this sweet treat. One of the main draws are the workshops that the museum puts on for children and adults alike. There you can learn the art of the chocolatier as well as cakes, biscuits and regional sweet specialities. A sweet idea to keep the entire family happy.   


Plom Gallery Art for Kids 

C/ de Sèneca, 31 

If your little ones are budding Picassos then take a trip to Plom Gallery just a stone’s throw from El Palauet Living Barcelona. The gallery’s philosophy is that art is key to a child’s development allowing them to be creative, build their imaginations and their own self esteem. The gallery offers fun workshops in different artistic techniques for children and the pieces exhibited are fun and contemporary. The artwork is also for sale and with prices starting at 100€ it allows your little ones to become collectors at a very early age.   




Barcelona Aquarium + Barcelona Zoo

Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell and Parc de la Ciutadella

Barcelona Aquarium is situated on the marina and houses the largest aquarium in Europe the ‘Oceanarium’ which allows you to walk underneath the water and see all the wonderful marine life up close. The Aquarium mainly focuses on the Mediterranean, housing many species which make the water between the Straits of Gibraltar and the opening to the Black Sea their home. The Aquarium seeks to educate us and especially the younger ones about the marine environment and how to respect and enjoy it. Other areas also house tropical fish, showing different marine environments from all over the globe; from the Caribbean to the Great Barrier Reef, the Red sea to the warm waters of atolls. For the bravest amongst you there is even the opportunity to arrange a swim and even sleep with the Aquariums sharks! Once home to the beloved Albino gorilla Snowflake, Barcelona Zoo is housed right in the centre of the city with its entrance in Ciutadella Park. The zoo first opened its doors in 1892 and still remains a popular attraction visited by more than 1 million people a year. From its beginnings as merely a showcase of the world’s exotic flora and fauna the zoo has adapted to modern times and become heavily involved in conservation projects and raising awareness about environmental issues. It is home to over 2200 animals from 315 different species; why not spend a day trying to discover them all at Barcelona Zoo