Activities + Family

Keeping the whole family entertained on holiday isn't always easy to do. Luckily we have some ideas to keep everyone happy on your trip to Barcelona...




Parc de Tibidabo 

Plaça del Tibidabo, 3-4 

From many places in the city you can see a white building perched on top of one of the hills that surround Barcelona. It is the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the hill is called Tibidabo, but there is more than the church to visit once you make the journey. Tibidabo is home to an Amusement Park with the best views of Barcelona! For over 100 years families have spent fun filled days out at the Tibidabo fair, enjoying rides such as the log flumes, pirate ships and the famous rollercoaster which stops for just a second at the top so you can soak in the view of Barcelona before hurtling back down. There are over 25 rides for all different ages and nervous dispositions and you can also enjoy picnic areas, museums, cinemas and puppet shows. Just don’t forget your camera!




Bosc Urbá 

Parc del Forum 

Billed as the first adventure park in the city, Bosc Urbà (Urban Forest) is a fun filled space for all the family. Not for the faint hearted the Bosc Urbà offers thrill seekers zip wires, suspension bridges, bungee jumping and much more with different routes for different ages and abilities. Save yourself a long trip outside the city and have an adventure right in the centre of Barcelona!   




Laberint d’Horta 

Passeig dels Castanyers, 1 

On the climb up out of the city, towards the hills which surround it, we find a beautiful park with a fun secret; El Laberint d’Horta. The labyrinth (or maze) is found in the heart of these beautiful parks and gardens, and although it looks small it is deceptively tricky! Choosing from four different entrances the aim is to reach the statue in the centre then, here’s the hard part; find your way out again! It’s a great way to spend the afternoon with all the family and if you get lost hopefully there will be a Scout group on hand to lead you out as it happened when I took my family!  




Parc de Orenta 

C/ Montevideo, 45 

The Parc de l’Orenta is truly a little gem in the middle of the city. Taking its name from the castle which used to stand on the site and of which only a few stones and low walls remain, the park is situated on a ridge and offers fantastic views over Barcelona. But there is more to the park than just the views. For adults the park is almost a mini forest containing some beautiful paths through traditional Mediterranean woodland with aromatic herbs and even some protected plants such as the enormous eucalyptus trees and the Santa Llucía cherry. For the little ones a mini railway, complete with its own station and crew gives them a trip around the park which can be followed by a visit to the ponies in the mini farm. Children can feed and ride the ponies and learn about looking after them.   


brunch electic


Brunch/Piknic Electronik / 

For six months of the year Barcelona is taken over with electro fever! Starting with Brunch Electronik in March and moving on to Piknic Electronik in Summer, the city plays host to some of the best DJs as well of lots of activities for all ages. These are truly events for all the family, teenagers and parents too can enjoy the music and festival atmosphere whilst the little ones get skate boarding lessons, learn how to rock climb and even enjoy a water slide! There are also brunch menus and picnic benches and you are more than welcome to bring your own food. A great plan to keep everyone entertained.