Avinguda del Paraŀlel, 164

From the most famous family in modern Spanish cuisine (the Adrià brothers in case the restaurant world isn’t really your scene) comes Tickets (and a three month waiting list of course). An homage to Barcelona, the restaurant celebrates everything about the city from the blue of the Mediterranean sea, lapping at the shore of La Barceloneta, to containers coming in from all over the world at the port, Tickets also gives a nod to the past life of Avinguda Parallel as a place of theatres and cabaret by literally having its name in lights. But enough of the décor, what about the food? The dish of choice here is the tapa. The Adrià brothers take this ubiquitous Spanish dish and take it up a notch or seven. In Tickets the humble tapa is transformed using those most traditional Catalan flavours of mar i muntanya (sea and land) and adding international touches, shitake mushrooms here and Yauarcan chargrilled chicken here. Added to that a fresh oyster bar, the best jamón and a carefully selected drinks menu and Tickets really does deserve to have its name up in lights.


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