La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta (literally 'little Barcelona') is a neighbourhood which is all about the sea. Right on the seafront this former fisherman's area is the perfect mix of old and new. We'll show you the sight but first it's time for a little history... 1280px-BARRI_DE_LA_BARCELONETA   History The neighbourhood of La Barceloneta was originally built to house those who had lost their homes due to the demolition of part of the La Ribera neighbourhood to build the Ciutadela Fortress. The road layout is 018common of Renaissance urban development but also helped troop movement around the area to patrol the city. The area soon became centred on fishing, the port and industry with some of the most important textile factories being based in La Barceloneta during the 19th Century. After a period of decline the area and especially the beaches and waterfront were given a complete makeover in time for the 1992 Olympic Games when the chiringuitos (beach bars) were demolished and the beaches cleaned up and a new promenade built. The waterfront area is now one of the most popular places to sunbathe, do water sports or simply take a stroll. La Barceloneta is now a favourite place amongst 200locals and tourists alike to sample paella and seafood dishes all with the sound of the sea in the background.   Lorna   Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, La Barceloneta, Beach, travel, tourism, local, history, traditions